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Whether you know him as Moon Junyoung or Lee Hoo or have never heard of him before, we all know that the leader of the K-pop boy band ZE:A took a big leap this past September.

He voiced the issues that many idols face, the things that we as fans are usually kept from knowing.  He spoke out against an injustice in the system and in these early stages it seems like he has gained a serious victory in righting some of those wrongs.

Whether you like ZE:A or not, whether you like K-pop or not, the impact of his decision to no longer remain silent cannot be denied.  He is fighting for artist’s rights.  He is fighting against abuse of artists.  He is fighting against the media covering up situations so that the truth is hidden.  He is a leader, a father figure, who is fighting for the rights of those he loves and cherishes.

These are issues that are much farther reaching than the ZE:A fandom, even bigger than the K-pop fandom.

So here is where we get to the hashtag #thankzealeader

In order to share this story with the world, in order to let companies know we are paying attention to this, in order to let Junyoung/Lee Hoo know we support him in his stance, this hashtag needs to go viral.

I encourage you, no matter what fandom you are a part of, to use#thankzealeader to show your support and gratitude for what he has done.

His handle on Twitter is @ZEA_leader.

Tweet him messages of support and encouragement using the hashtag.

Use the tag on tumblr too to get the message out there as well.

If you are a fan of artists in general, you should still be thankful of what he’s done.  So please, show him, show the world, that you care.

#thankzealeader #staystrongzea #standbyzea

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It’s incredibly amazing that a kpop idol had the guts to do this. As an idol, they know that such situations like these can have their career, dreams and even future ruined. So many other idols would much rather suffer in silence. I’m a fan of ZE:A, and this has just made me an even bigger fan.
#thankszealeader #zea #leeho

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As many of you might already know, Taehun did not win his match today.

He put up a strong fight but he was paired against a very experienced fighter.

Please tweet him messages of support.

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It’s Henri Bergson’s quote on his tattoo- "Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought."


It’s Henri Bergson’s quote on his tattoo- "Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought."

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Taehun’s MMA match rescheduled for September 12th, 2014.

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ZE:A’s Taehun’s MMA Debut Postponed Due to Match Cancellation

Tweet you support to Taehun.  Send him positive messages to show we will always support him. even when times are tough.

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